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Sunnah Days for Hijama October 2020
Cupping Applied on Kid
Dry Cupping

Qualified doctors

We have “Qualified & Experienced Therapists” at our center, we strongly recommended to get a Hijama / Cupping Therapy from a experienced and qualified therapists
  • We are Need & Clean
  • We are Experienced
  • We are Qualified
  • Sterilized Instruments
  • Disposable Cups
  • Hygienic way of Treatment
Contact us
Senior Therapist
Imtiaz Ahmed

Imtiaz Ahmed Butt is one of the expert therapist in our center.

+92 333 5314061
Mrs. Imtiaz Ahmed Butt
Female Therapist

Mrs. Imtiaz Ahmed Butt is Female Therapist

+92 333 5314061
Assistant Therapist
Muhammad Waleed

Muhammad Waleed is Assistant Therapist / Admin

+92 333 5370842
Mrs. Muhammad Waleed
Mrs. Muhammad Waleed is Assistant Female Therapist

+92 51 5153244

Why choose us

We can help you whether your visit is to help maintain your health, improve your health and live happily.

Modern clinic

We offer treatment with Hijama Cupping Therapy in a Modern way

Expert team

We have qualified, Experienced & Well behaved staff.

Free checkup

We have no any kind of concerning fee, No Checkup Fee


We are working in a legal way.

Modern technology

We use Modern Instruments for Therapy (All Cups & other materials are disposable) Strictly Prohibited of reuse.

Always open

Patients can call us anytime to get appointment.

Highly recommend

I am Strongly recommended Hijama Cupping Therapy, I was pain in my feet and have a skin allergy problem but after Hijama Therapy I am feeling very well. Now I am getting Hijama on every Lunar Month. Its a safe way of curing.


Abdullah Aslam

Happy client

High professionalism

Team is highly professional.Got Treatment for Back paint. Its a best and Sunnah Way of curing. Staff is highly qualified and professionals. I am recommending all of you must got Hijama at-least once.


Muhammad Habib

Happy client

Efficient collaborating

They are very efficient and collaborating. Took Hijama Cupping Therapy for Depression, and got relief. Its a best alternative medicine. I am feeling very well now, Got Hijama Cupping Therapy couple of times.



Happy client

Friendly staff

All Doctors / Therapists are very friendly and cooperative with patients. My wife had a joint problem and she got Hijama and now she is feeling well. Its a best and sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W.


Abdul Hafeez

Happy client

Professional team

I Just got Hijama Cupping Therapy Sunnah Points. I felt very relaxed. Team is very professional and loving. I also convinced my friends and family members for Hijama Therapy. Hijama is best treatment of the era.


Waseem Akram

Happy client

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How to find us

Opposite Al Mustafa Trust, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi051 5153244 - 0333

Opening hours

Saturday-Thursday10:00 am - 09:00 pm
Friday05:00 pm - 09:00 pm