Our Doctors

Expert staff

We have expert Staff in our clinic. Best Therapists creates a collaborative environment where patients and physicians work together to improve outcomes.


Quick & Free Examination

We is providing free of cost examination / advise. There is no any kind of checkup fee. Its totally free, we charge only for Hijama Process.

Superior Services

Superior Services

Hijama Islamia Cupping Therapy Center Rawalpindi have superior services to their patients. We believe to provide best services to our patients....

Free Checkup

Free Checkup

We have no any kind of checkup fee or any other charges except Hijama Therapy Charges

new technology

Modern Technology

We use Modern Instruments for Therapy (All Cups & other materials are disposable) Strictly Prohibited of reuse

Hijama Islamia Clinical View

Modern Clinic

Hijama Islamia offer treatment with Hijama Cupping Therapy in a Modern and safe way.